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If you're so moved about someone that's being good to her animals, why don't you focus all that effort onto an animal that needs your help!
I believe I do my little part to help those in need, if 87 cats and dogs rescued and adopted out since last August means anything. I would do more if I could.

If that "is" your point - why were you attacking RK? She does live on a farm... her dog is not confined...
I think you are confused. I never directed one comment to rescuekitty about her dog. I know nothing about it, and she keeps changing her story about the cat. She was initially adamant that this 9 yr old cat was to have her kittens outside in freezing weather, because she "likes it."

My point is that not everything animals "like" is what is good for them. Would you let your dog roam the street tearing open and eating garbage? I'm sure he would love to do it.

And the barn cats I've seen were anything but "healthy and happy". They were ridden with parasites, having one litter after another, malnourished, injured from fights and all intact. We have trapped, neutered and treated MANY of them.