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i agree with....

I agree with rescuekitty. I have allergies to most animal dander, and although I have many now I couldn't before because we couldn't afford to have hardwood put throughout our house. We weren't made of money. Now I have my own place with hardwood floors, and love my puppy. She is a half indoor/half outdoor dog. She gets mad if she's inside for too long and it's not because we don't spend time walking her and playing with her. She goes for at least one long walk a day and we play for at least 3 hours.
I have a horse, and although she doesn't live at my house (i don't have a barn on my property yet) she's still a part of my family. I see her every day, and spend hours "playing" with her. She loves it, but there's no way she could come into my house. I'm sure she'd love too (she follows me like a puppy) but I'm not bringing her inside. Just because she doesn't live in my house doesn't mean that she's not part of my family.
I don't agree with cruel animal treatment, but living outside, in a barn (or animal house) with food and water isn't cruel as long as there's someone spending time with them, and LOVING them. As long as the basics are there, and there's someone loving them, playing with them, what's the problem? It's not like rescuekitty is leaving her dog out there to die, and I'm sure if anything were wrong with any of her animals, they would all be rushed to the vets, or a vet would be called to come and see what's wrong.
I don't think that people with different opinions should be so rude. You're looking down on someone for the way that they treat their animals...which is with love, caring, and understanding. If you're so moved about someone that's being good to her animals, why don't you focus all that effort onto an animal that needs your help!