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outdoor animals

Over the years I have owned and LOVED, several dogs who just coudn't handle being in the house. One such dog was a rough collie by the name of Missy. We tried on several occaisions to bring her in, but she whined,scratched at the door and then started to howl. Our dogs had lovely insulated dog houses to climb into, filled with straw, and with a blanket stappled over the door way to keep out the wind. More times then not, on really blustery, blizardly days, the dogs would curl up beside the house instead of in it. We fed them a mixture of kibble, goats milk, and cooked oatmeal. They were healthy, happy and robust. My current dog, a siberian husky, prefers to remain outside and will sit at the back door begging to go out....the only reason we bring her in at night is that on two occasisions someone tried to steal her from our yard. Does this mean I love my dogs less then anyone else? NO! And you can talk to my veterinarian to see just how healthy and happy my dogs have been over the years!

For folks who live on farms, barn cats live in the barn....where they keep down the ammount of rodents in the area, thus providing a valuable service to their owners. Our barn cats are fed and watered every day, they are up to date on vaccines, and they are spayed/neutered.

Some animals just prefer the out of doors!