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I'm talking about people who keep their dogs confined in pens and garages (in cities and suburbs) for most of their lives. These dogs sit in solitary confinement all day while their owners work,

I have been chewing my lip not responding to this crazy argument. However, the above comment was made and I needed to respond.

For shame I am one of the above quoted people. I have a dog, 2 cats, a guinea pig and 2 horses. Yes I work, I am also a single mother who does not get a dime of support from anyone. My animals are very well cared for, all have been sexualy altered, except the guinea pig, and they all have food, warmth and water, yes even milk...again for shame...feeding milk to cats. I would challenge ONE of you posters to come and visit at anytime during a 24 hour period and find my animals neglected or unhappy.

Get off your high horses and worry about the cats that are running around and being caught by people only to be skinned alive or used as a sacrifice, or the dogs which are used for hunting and then left in the wild after the season ends. I think you get my point!!!!!!!!