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Chico-> Did I EVER give you the impression that I owned a "neglected, unloved, outdoor dog"?? I don't think I did...
Did I not specify from the get-go that I was having my cat spayed as soon as possible?? And that I had gotten her from a friend (who does not spay or neuter at all!)to help DECREASE the unwanted pet population by SPAYING AND NEUTERING her offspring?! And if I cannot find good homes for those animals, AFTER they are spayed and neutered, then I will be keeping them...
And As MBRA518 said, Excuse me, But have you ever been able to convince a cat to have her kittens exactly where you wanted them? I don't think it's an easy task, expecially having just brought her home only a couple of weeks ago! She was not even used to her surroudings yet, and was more comfortable in somewhere dark and cozy... That was her choice, not mine!! If in fact I had "forced" her out there, I would not have been checking on her at 1am!! I would not have brought her and the two first born kittens into the sunroom and warmed them up!! I would not have stayed with her all night to make sure they were all okay!! If doing all that makes me an unloving pet owner in your eyes, then so be it. My animals are my life... They eat before I eat, and sleep before I sleep... Just because they live outside makes that no different!!