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I really don't think we are talking about working and herding dogs living on ranches who have jobs to do - at least they are not the dogs I'm talking about. These dogs are doing what they were bred and born to do and have full and satisfying lives.

I'm talking about people who keep their dogs confined in pens and garages (in cities and suburbs) for most of their lives. These dogs sit in solitary confinement all day while their owners work, and if they are lucky they might get 20 minutes of exercise when the owner has time. Then back into the pen for the night. They are treated like garden tools that are stored when not in use (which is most of the time)

This is no life for any dog and IS inhumane, as dogs are highly social animals. Actually, it's inhumane for any creature, which is why solitary confinement is considered harsh punishment for human prisoners. The main difference is that the dogs didn't commit any crime to deserve this.