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Wow/what a major load of crap this read has been

I've got three aussie/border collie ranch dogs and 2 of them would sooner lay down and die than live in the house....only one of them actually prefers to sleep on the floor by my bed at night. I've seen folks who have "outside" dogs which are thoroughly deserving, in my opinion, of all the angry comments, and possibly even more, that have been made here regarding those who keep them outside on a regular basis. These would be those who live out their lives from the end of a chain, or in small runs, that are sheltered and fed to keep their good health but have had little experience with receiving the love and attention that is deserving of a family member....which is exactly what our "pets" are to us/they are all our "kids" so to speak. BUT to make a blanket statement, as a few have, that all dogs/cats prefer to live indoors as opposed to out is nothing more than a bunch of ignorant babble and worse yet to openly criticise someone for allowing their dog(s)/cat(s)(and other pets as be the case)and making it out to be a case of cruelty is beyond comprehension...........and any and all who fall into this mode of ignorant thought should not only be ashamed of yourselves but should try to get out a bit more/it's a big world out there/life and knowledge doesn't stop at your own front door....fanatics the lot of them/sheesh.

You know after reading this I sat here and looked at my dogs and wondered "Hmmm.....are you two outies brain damaged or something?" LOL.....well they ARE full of personality and are definately unique individuals(best damn dogs I've ever had!) BUT there's not a thing wrong with them for prefering to be outdoors and there's not a damn thing wrong with me for allowing them to. One likes to sleep in the bed of the pickup(he thinks it's HIS truck), the other can always be found on the kitchen porch(he's the family "sentinal"/you can see the main road and all the driveway from there), and then we have the family "love bug" who isn't happy unless she's under foot 24/7 and her nose is no further than scratching distance from you at all times and so of course she'd be the little beastie that likes to sleep by and under my bed. All three are well loved and very happy living exactly as they want to/where they have chosen to bunkie down each night has been by THEIR choice. When we've got pups and/or kittens they always start out life indoors as we've got far to many predators out in this area who a nice fat pup or kitty would be a delightful meal for but as they mature and start finding their way around the ranch they tend to carve out their own little niche and grow into having their own individual habits and likes and well as they determine whether they are to be an outdoor or indoor pet.

The cats we have are a necessary part of our ranch and family as they serve a double purpose being both pets and rodant deterents.....and it so happens that I am VERY allergic to them and as such I appreciate the fact that they enjoy ruling the feedbarn. The dogs are working dogs as well as much loved and treasured pets and they not only give us the very best of themselves each and every day out in the fields working the livestock but when works' done they bring much joy to our hearts. You best believe there's not an outing we go to where the dogs aren't included. If we go out with the horses the dogs are there. Go into town the dogs hop in the truck. We do ANYTHING the dogs are always present, accounted for, and having a good time. The two that happen to choose to live the bulk of their lives outdoors are just as happy as our little indoor girl is. The cats are barn cats and as such that is their domain, it's where they feel they belong, and they are not the half wild cats some folks think barn cats are/they are very friendly, healthy, and happy.....and they are not at any point going to be invited into my house due to allergies and my love for my families generations old passed down antiques....and any of you so called animal lovers who find that statement offensive well just you go and be all hetted up and offended/it's just common sense and personal preference and there's not one damn thing wrong with it. We actually put a woodstove in the feedbarn which we burn in during the colder season to keep it warm and comfy in there out of concern for their well being and yeah gees I guess since we let them live out there we don't care about them right? What a crock.

You want to whine and snivel over how bad some cats have it why don't you look to those who keep them in breadbox sized apartments with no freedom ever. A few folks here mention about how THEY(dogs/cats)were never asked or given a choice.....well how fricken hypocritical are some of you? Do you really think if it was up to the dogs and cats they'd all prefer to live out their lives in a dinky apartment? If they'd been allowed the freedom to choose their destinies do you seriously think they'd all prefer a litter box in your bathroom over a yard of green lawn? A scratching post to fresh smelling woody trees? A toy mouse to the real deal? Those of you who have a large enough place to afford your pets the choice to be either out or indoors at their leisure are certainly entitled to your opinions.....but those of you who are stuck in apartments and have forced YOUR choice on them to make them soley indoor pets haven't got a leg to stand on in this assinine half baked debate with a woman who evidentally not only has an abiding effection for her pets but also has the love to rescue animals that in all likelyhood would have ultimately otherwise been destroyed. It kills me to see so many point their fat little fingers at this woman because SHE has made a choice about how her animals live....and yet none of you see how YOU have made those same kinds of choices for your own just different ones. To those who say HER way is not the only way or necessarily the best well right back at you/just who in the hell do some of you hypocrites think you are?

Well after reading how this thread has deteriorated I rather doubt many, or maybe even any, will agree with me, my views, and possibly in how "I" choose to live with my animals.....and I couldn't care less. The reason I posted this wasn't to gain anyone's approval......... nor am I inexperienced enough to think it will give many of you cause to think before you judge/I know how hypocrites think and while honestly it would be refreshing to see someone open their eyes enough to acknowledge that not all outdoor pets are neglected or treated as second class citizens yada yada yada I really don't expect that much out of most/that could be a bit to much to hope for. I'm not looking to be offensive or defensive/just telling it how it is........and if you get all wadded up over anyone having a different philosophy from your own then all I've got to say to that is get over yourself.