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Originally Posted by ladybug01
I was just reading that someone kept their dog in a crate in their house while they were away, and this is better? I am so sure that my animals would rather be locked up in a 'cell' all day then outside.
So that means that all cats and dogs should be kept inside? even my neighbours police dog has its own kennel that it stays in outside.
Exactly - I see those crates and shutter, I would never do that to my dog - but I've seen many people use that method - and the dogs don't seem worse for wear, so I see no problem with other people using them.... but they are not for me.
My mother keeps her dog outside when she is away from home - OMG that dog it "forced" outside in her insulated heated dog house - the horror! Mind you this dog is a special needs dog that has been through 2 surgeries and on meds for her life and her other dog was on 3 years of chemo before being put down at twice her expected age - but according to these people my mother is a horrible dog owner who should give her dogs up to the kennel too I suppose - OMG she also has 3 rescued kittens living in the barn too - all with proper vet care and they are all fixed - at her expense - but oh what a horrible person she must be!... give me a break!