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Originally Posted by Luba
Your correlation between domesticated animals (cats/dogs) in comparison to barn yard animals (donkeys/goats/horses) is ridiculous.

So just explain to me one thing....why do you have them to begin with?
Is it??? How do you know, have you owned any of those animals? I have and I can tell you that I love my Horses as much as my dog or cat...

Both my dog and cat to live indoors, but my family has had outdoor cats and dog over the years and all were very loved and happy. Some breeds to not lend themselves to being outdoor animals, but many do.

I have horses as well and i can tell you that it is the same in the horse world, there are many different ways of caring for and loving an animal... YOUR way is NOT the only way. To try and make this poor girl feel bad because she has taken in 2 animals that she loves, plays with and provides for because it is not how YOU would look after them is absurd. Many animals are happy outside, just because it is different doesn't mean it is wrong. some of you people need to step down off your soap boxes and realize that there are many ways to look after an animal. This girl was on another board looking for the best place to have her barns cats (that she rescued) spayed ... which is over and above what most barn owners do... she has also rescued that horse from a slaughter house because she is a caring pet owner with only concern for these animals in mind. So maybe you can all think about those things before you start telling a person who takes in unfortunate animals that she should give them up so someone can love them right (the way you would)... when was the last time you walked into a shelter, there are many animals in there that would love to have this girl care for them, indoors or out... Think of that!