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i dont think it is a time out or a human concept that a dog cant understand. it is simply the use of the pack for behaviour. eg, when my charlie does something that is totally unacceptable in our pack she is removed from the pack. her pack makes her happy and seperation from it is not liked very much. pretty simple Offense=punishment. as top dog in my pack i dish out the punishments and only me. in my pack when you attack another pack member or other poor behaviour the offender is removed from the pack and the seperation used as a punishment. in the wild when a dog breaks social codes the dog is often beaten up by top dog and punished.
i have tried training methods such as replacing the thing being chewed with a toy and i have yet to acheive any success in this manner, she sees the reward and it seems to make her worse. if the dog does wrong why give it a play toy that it likes??? is that not just replacing the behaviour and not really solving it. biting anyone is not acceptable and the dog must learn this, not the dog learning that it can chew on some things and not others. it is not chewing you are trying to teach the dog, it is simply that the action of biting is not acceptable. in the wild wouldnt a dog that bites another dog get bitten back? other dogs certainly didnt give it a chew toy. and my way of biting back is seperation from the pack. (ps just so you dont think me crazy,i didnt just make this technique up, it was advised by a qualified trainer who had had success using it). i think we all develop our own techniques and there is never a right or wrong, just what works and you need to find yours. i think starting dog school asap will help alot. good luck