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Go ahead... tell them about this thread. They know that my cat is a barn cat. And that she had the first two kittens under a piece of sheet metal where she thought was safest for her. They also know that I brought her into my sunroom and warmed up the first two kittens while helping her deliver the others. They also know that I helped the last of the litter to start breathing as she was limp and not breathing when born. They know I only found her because I went looking for her to check on her at 1am! They know I spent all night with her and didn't go to bed until 6am or later!! So I have a barn cat, and an outdoor dog. Big deal!! They are both well loved and spoiled rotten. Just because they sleep somewhere else, doesn't matter. It's when they're awake and playing with me, and running about and having fun being free around the farm that matters.
So hey, you wanna go tell everyone that I'm supposedly a cruel and inhumane person, go ahead. I know the truth, and that is ALL that matters!