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I'm not here to argue... I know we love our animals, and we take good care of the ones we have. If you don't agree with it, so be it... I'm not here to prove myself to you. My animals are happy the way they are... In fact, when we are at my cottage and my dog comes in at night, he whines and wimpers and barks to get back out... He much prefers being outdoors! But I'm apparently in the wrong according to all of you, so I'll just keep my mouth shut. When I found this board, I thought it would be a nice place to chat with other animal lovers. As it turns out, most of you are so bent on proving you are the only right ones that it's not nice or enjoyable at all... Sorry for interrupting your day, as you obviously think I'm a piece of "scum" by the way you are telling me things. My animals are loved. And I don't see the difference between the goat living in the barn and the dog living outside with her... They are both well loved and well taken care of, have shelter to get out of the elements and food and water available to them. I am not like you friend, Chico, who left their dog outside and thought she was "dirty". We take good care of our animals, spend lots of time with them, and love them. Just because they don't live in a human "house" does not mean they don't consider their house a home...