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There's not a lick of Husky in that dog. Just my opinion. They had the dog put down because of a lump? Just a question, but what the hell did they get the dog for in the first place. They thought it was dirty? If you lived in a freaking box outside 24/7, with mice eating your food with nobody touching you or talking to you, you'd be dirty too! My opinion, if you couldn't live in the conditions your dog is living in, you shouldn't have a dog. Try it, I have. I got into Bob's kennel one time to see what it was like. He just stared at me like I was a weirdo. Kind of reminded me of the old days hiding in the box the TV came in when I was a kid. Curled up on his bed one day too just for kicks. Not bad. A little sparse in the centre, but that's because he seems to push all the padding to the outside. He likes it that way I guess. Anyhoo, you should have to prove to the vet that you have a valid/verifiable reason to put a dog down. I suppose if that was the case, you'd just find more dogs wandering aimlessly on country roads.