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My story,I told a while ago about Crystal,the Great Dane/Husky mix who belonged to a FORMER friend of mine.She was outside 24/7 year around even in -25C,she had a makeshift-shelter,but it certainly never got warm.
If she did get to her food quick enough,the mice would eat it.
My then friend,told me the VET said she should be outside since she is part Husky,which is BS.
I argued until I was blue for this poor dog,but there was no way she would ever be let into the house,not even the basement,she was according to them dirty and they would not even touch her.
I contacted HS but like they always say,all that is required is food and shelter.
Well,my former friend could not wait to get rid of her and when she got some kind of sore on her neck,I discovered it because I cuddled her,instead of treating her they had her put down a 7yrs old.
Here's a picture of Crystal,does she look like a Husky to anyone?
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