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Well if you want a story about backyard dogs that went bad, I've got one.
When I first moved into this basement suite, the guy upstairs got two German Shepherds. They ended up being in the fenced in backyard, but one of them was a bit neurotic to begin with and barked all day and all night. The other was relatively quiet. They did get their walks every day, and had a back room on the house with food and water to go to when they were wanting shelter. For some reason though, they wouldn't go in there, and given Vancouver weather they would just lie about in the backyard in mud puddles all day long. Could never understand that one.
Anyhoo, they barked and barked. I didn't have much to do with them because they weren't my dogs, and I wasn't interested in taking them on as a project because I just didnt have time at the time. Finally it became a neighbourhood war, and everyone hated the house I live in because of the barking dogs. The woman next door called animal control a number of times, but they would come over and leave because the dogs had shelter and food and water if they chose to use it.
So, this went on for quite a while. I had people showing up at my basement suite door at 6:30 in the morning yelling at me because the dogs were barking. I freaked on one of them and told them they weren't my dogs. I'm a little surly first thing in the morning.
Anyhoo, it eventually got so big that it hit the local community newspaper with a full page article. One day I got home, and the guy upstairs said that one of the local tv stations showed up and filmed a segment!
Eventually the owner got taken to court over noise violations, and the dogs ended up on a farm out in the country where I understand they are quite happy.
Happy ending, but certainly one of the nastiest years of my life.
Bob will never be a backyard dog, that's all I can say.