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The indoor/outdoor debate is always interesting and widely varied in viewpoints. It's of course an individual choice to be made, for all the reasons stated.

My own experiences:
-My lovely indoor cat was accidentally let out. His mutiliated partial remains were found the following morning. Didnt make it through one night.

-This Feb, my sister's outdoor cat was killed by a coyote. They chased it down when they heard the awful screams. and it dropped it, but his neck was broken.

-My daughter and I have long had the indoor/outdoor disagreement regarding her two cats. She felt that they should be free to what cats "do". They've been doing this for six years, she said... they are "street-smart".
The last time she saw one of them was on the first day of school last month.

Three cats that found the great outdoors to be fatal. :sad:

Aside from issue of those who resent other's felines, in most areas and cities, letting a cat roam free is playing "Russian Roulette" with it's life, imo.
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