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I dont think you can compare letting a dog loose to a cat loose. I have a dog he is 80 pound german shepherd he has the ability to take out a human man women or child (NOT THAT he ever wood just to know that he has the power to do that) NO cat can do it and when have you ever heard of someones child being put in the hospital because the neibours cat attacked him and savaged his face? Also dogs will FORM PACKS if allowed free range they will make friends form packs and begin attacking ANYTHING including horses donkeyies sheep goats and sometimes even people (usually children). (I LOVE Dogs i have one and am getting more) but im sorry having something that powerful on the loose and comparing it to a 10 pound house cat is just silly. When you are walking threw the woods happen to have a cat cross your path im sure most of you will smile maybe even call the cat over but if you happened to have a 100 pound rottie or shepherd cross your path with no owner im sure not many of you will react in the same happy manner. Another thing is dogs will also attack and kill other dogs. YEs cat fights do happen but they are not usually fatal unlike dog fights. Cats are also MUCh smarter then dogs when it comes to being outdoors. NOT always but many times they are. Cats wont chase cars and a cat is not stupid enough to go and attack a porcupine or a raccoon. Im not saying cats are smarter but when it comes to being outdoors they are. They know their limits and wont do something silly like attack a buck deer and then get its head smashed into the ground or have its face lacerated by a badger.