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Last year we moved from a small city to 160 acres of rural bliss. We have 2 cats and 4 dogs. The FIRST thing I did, was build an 80 x 60 fenced area for the dogs, no roaming around without supervision. Rex ( a former feral cat) and Lucky (the dumpster find) are both indoor cats. Rex loves to sit in the window watching the comings and goings of birds, etc.

I like to have lots of birds around (keeping the bug population to a dull roar) so I don't want the cats 'hunting'. That being said, they both do a reasonable job hunting the unfortunate mouse who manages to get in.
We also have a great number of raptors (hawks, owls, eagles) and foxes, wolves, raccoons, etc. so I don't want my cats being 'lunch' either.
We are considering building a 'covered run' from a basement window to access the yard (away from the dogs) during the day. That will give the cats the opportunity to be outside...without the dangers of being outside.
My 2 cents...keep them inside, they are just fine.
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