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'but they remain outside...'


Not mine

Love from a distance.... I could never do and it's not fair to them.
I too as Anita pointed out why get a pet if you or someone else has an allergy that causes the pet to have a less enjoyable life outside of the family?

If you love them but your family has allergies you can always volunteer at a shelter giving love to those that need it!

If your family member or yourself is 'that' allergic, what do you do after you hold and stroke your cat and play with him/her? Do you go indoors remove and wash your clothing and shower immediately?

Anyone with a serious allergy as you have pointed out would be immediately affected by the dander that you have brought in on you.

To me it's selfish and to think you say you have 'more' knowledge then most people because of the association to your mother who ran an allergy awareness program - is even moreso baffling.

Sure you may love your pets but someone else could love them more and share with them the things they deserve to have, not just look at through a door or a window and wish for!! I wonder if they understand the allergy situation, of it they just figure they're not loved enough to be allowed in the family home.

The more I go on about it the more t'd off I get!
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