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Re: "Really it seems to me that all pets should be spayed and neutered so that the entity ceases to exist."

Oh come on, get serious! Either you are an extremely sarcastic person and think we are all fools or you want a debate. I do not have time to argue the issue - I know most ppl here are very strong propnents of spay and neuter but NOONE would propose wanting such a beautiful and glorious creature as a cat to disappear. And I really see no need for anyone - even you - to be snarky in this discussion. Or are you one of those ppl who think it is so terrible for cats to be domesticated that you'd prefer to kill them all since they'd be better off without us messing up their lives.

Frankly, not one of us can be holier than thou about anything. I understand why some allow their cats outside. I live in a safe area but the possibility always exists that my baby (and for me my cats are my babies - and I do nothing against their nature. If they hated it, there would be very loud Siamese yowls to contend with - I'd never hear the end of it, lol) might be stolen, hit by a vehicle or worse!! It is well known that indoor cats live long healthy lives, an average of 15-20 yrs while most (and I emphasize most since I do think a responsibe cat "owner" (I do not believe any cat can be owned tho our laws are written that way and I have not yet convinced the govt to add YY to the voter's list - ) like the regulars on this site - do have outdoor kitties who live good long lives. But the avg lifespan f outdoor kitties is 3-5 yrs.

There was a time our society thought human slavery was just fine too. Or that racism was acceptable - it was against human nature - and the law in many jurisdictions for people of different races or religions to marry. But we learn as we grow and progress. (We do make mistakes along the way of course) As a child, like Kayla, we had kitties who spent a lot of time outside. They slept with us and enjpyed meals and play time but they were hunters and mousers. We had many a feral cat gradually move in the house but still go outside daily. Some of them enjoyed long lives but not all of them. There were accidents and injuries - and with no vet in the immediate area, we all (even the kids) had to become good at caring for them.

I am much better educated and aware of what can go wrong now. If you honestly believe it cruel to keep a cat in a house, do you believe it better for the kitty to be picked up by a boucher and sold to a lab? I know of one family in Nova Scotia whose cat met this fate! And this program on CBC outlines the program very well:

Even if your cat is picked up by Animal Control for wandering (and it is illegal in the community I live in now to allow your cat to roam, a good law I think), that pet can - after 3 days - be sold to a research lab for the grand total of $6!!

There are also cruel people. A child in Nova Scotia - the same one responsible for a serious passenger train derailment I happened to be involved in (I was travelling from Mocton to Halifax on the train) was prevented from killing a cat he was torturing by two small boys who came upon him in this horrific cat.

I do think - in addition to our all being better informed - that the times we live in are more complex than they were during my childhood. Cats could roam then and while cars and injuries were always a problem, there were fewer ppl to do carry out terrible things we hear of now.

My cats have never known life outdoors and they are not too keen to discover it. Especially when it is -20 in the winter. Do you think it is fine then for cats to wander? But they are short haired kitties (or in the case of the Sphynx, almost no hair) and need sweaters to go outside. I would protect my cats to the death - and leaving them roam anywhere and everywhere is never going to be an option. They live in a large home, one comes to work with me and is a certified therapy cat with a rich vibrant life - she is very social and loves to meet new ppl. I do draw the line at toilet training them because I fear it may cause arthritis and I won't use covered litter boxes because they may lead to more illness - given the closed tiny space where germs and bacteria more easily replicate and grow.

If we lived according to our nature, we'd still be living in the neaderthal age. We haved moved on - and while not all of our discoveries are wonderful (like splitting the atom so that we can blow each other up) - I for one do not want to go back in time. I very much doubt most cats, given the choice, would opt to live outside. We have domesticated the cat and for better or worse - we cannot turn back. As a cat fancier of course, I think cats have benefited from us tho we much more from them. We can ensure even the most feral cats longer lives thru spay and neuter programs and managed colonies.

To suggest any of us would want to end the species - which is a huge diversion from this topic - is at best ill considered and naieve and at worst the work of a troll and mean spirited in the extreme.

Now that I have written this, I will prob discover that post is a troll. Oh well - you all well know my thoughts.