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quote 'That is what they were invented for: to be controlled and have their natures taken away for our entertainment. Very sad really. Really it seems to me that all pets should be spayed and neutered so that the entity ceases to exist.'

the idea of pets was not to destroy their nature or make them our slaves, for thousnads and thousands of years ppl have lived in harmony with animals with both parties ofthen forming a symbiotic relationship, that is one helps the other.

through out history dogs and cats have been used for companions and hunting aids, this is not destroying thier nature, its natural because we are human animals and enjoy/need the company of animals. we could help each other.

for example - the aboriginal ppl of australia have lived with the dingo for up to 50000 yrs. the dingo has always been a camp companion, and at times a hunting companion. there are many aboriginal stories of the important role the dingo played in the family and in the camp. yet after 50000 yrs dingo nature and personality is still the same regardless of this relationship with humans, they are the same dog now as they were then. if humans had had such a great impact on the dingo it would certainly be more domesticated than it is today, its nature was enver destroyed. dingos chosse to live this way, aboriginal ppl never trapped them or forced them, the dogs just naturally came to gravitate and live with the humans. maybe ppl dont give dogs enough credit as many ppl believe the dingo could see benifit of living in the human pack, that is safetry and better feed in numbers.

sadly due to habitat destruction and the mighty march of the huaman, the naturael habitat for these animals is disapearing fast, not to mention the miriad of other threats to animals in the environment. for my GSD to go live in the bush, well even if she was a pup she would not have lasted long, she does not have the skill as her mother never taught her the skill. that does not mean she is controled or has a altered personality, it just means that she does not have certian skills, she is stil l the dog she ever was.

now consider this, imagine what used to be the aboriginal camps, and place them into the context of todays life, that is my camp is my house and the big backyard. even in camp a dog does not stray far, so my yard compensates for that. i really have not moved far from my forefatehrs, i am jsut the same but my camp looks different. its as simple as that. and given the choice my dog would never leave her pack, she is content and that is what a pack is about.

she is not for entertainment, she is for company and pack. humans need packs too jsut as muc h as dogs. yes i have taught her certain things ,like manners, but that is no different to what her pack leader would teach ehr in the wild, that is life skills for survival in the pack.

yes some ppl want their dogs for entertainment, but they wont sucede in their packs, but many of us truly respect animals and love them, we respect the pack and work darn hard to maintain a healthy environment for our pets, we are evolving in this relationship as re dogs. should we turn them out into the bush, what would happen then, this planet donesnt have the resources or habitat to support such a thing so by having pets we may jsut be helping the species as a whole.

as far as desexing, well given that in the state of NSW alone, last year over 40000 dogs were abandoned and killed in pounds i dont think that is an issue, as we all know there are plenty of dogs out there and more on the way. desexing is about responsible ownership, its about not adding a nother number to those already being killed every year. its about sustaining a reasonable population number, and being kind and caring for those we love. there are some great numbers on this site somewhere (posted by lucky) that give the numbers kittens a breeding pair has in a life tiem, no i dont find desexing these cats cruel, whats cruel is to allow over population and destruction of resources, that s unfiar and cruel.

so many animals die daily because their parents were not desexed, the entity will continue to exist, there are always animals breeding, but i for one dont want to be responsible for the deaths of little puppies jsut because i assumed in this environment i live that it would be wise to leave my dog intact.

so in a nut shell im saying its natural to live with aniamls, and desexing saves lives.....
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