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in australia there are certain laws being pased and have passed that require cats in certain states and areas to be confined to houses or catteries, for kindness purposes ppl are being encouraged to build a cattery on the side of the house with access from the house for the cat. these laws will hopefully be national soon.

firstly for the cats safety i think its dangerous, i dont know about wehre you are but here ppl trap cats in nasty fishing wire traps and then kill them, these are household pets that certain morons think should not exist here, i know a stupid local woman who will kill any cat she can catch, even if its the little girls next door. so no its jsut dangerous for cats. not to mention the spate of kitten tortures going on at the moment, in one case three teen boys beat and tourtured a kitten to death and this has happened several times of late, this would never have happened if ppl were responsible.

secoundly have you ever seen how a feral cat is killed, its nasty and sad and not nice at all, these cats would not be feral if it wernt for irrisponsible humans, animals suffering because of human reasons, that just sucks and feral cats are a huge problem for us. yes they must die, they do to much damage but it kills me to know their old owner is sitting pretty while the cat suffers for no fault of its own. its sick

thirdly- have you ever seen what a house cat can do to a native bird or reptile?? i once saw a poor lizard that had been attacked by a cat on a porch of the house, the poor thing was so terrified it stayed still till the blood dried, the offending cat came back and attacked it for several days as it was stuck there by its blood, until it was dead. jsut imagine the suffereing of that animal

its sick and humans have a responsibility to protect all animals not jsut our pets. its important to remember that. i dont let my dog roam for her own safety and that of others, i think its time certain cat owners take on that responsibility. dogs have yards, cats should have catteries. and everyone should be respected and treated as they deserve, pet or not.
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