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sorry i didnt fully read everyones posts before posting in here
ok about 2 months ago if anybody tried to ever suggest to me to keep my cats inside id tell them cats have survived for many many many years without us keeping them inside they're happy out there and they have instincts that cant really be fully fulfilled with them being stuck inside at all times
september 15th i found my cat in a hole on my porch after being gone for 2 days we couldnt get him out of that hole but somehow he got all of his strength and got himself out after us trying to get him out for 45 minutes.... once i picked him up to bring him inside my brother and mom saw his side... it was really bad... few hours later we finaly found a way to get him to the vet they removed his tail he had a wound from his back to below his knee bone and nerve was exposed he was imapled by something but we arent sure what... we're leaning towards hit by a car... baby now walks flat footed he has pretty bad nerve damage in his leg now they didnt ever think hed even be able to urinate on his own but luckily they were wrong.. he has 2 breaks on one of his other paw and is basically learning how to walk again
they had to cut off some dead skin and hope it would fully close(luckily it did) hes almost fulyl healed but he will always walk flat footed
my vet told me that we might have to put him down but he pulled through and everytime i take him in for a check up they tell me that he truly is a miracle cat
now i relize that cats need us to show them whats good for them and what isnt... well i wouldnt let a 3 y/o outside without supervision so why should i with a cat?
my cats are now inside only
its just not worth the risk... they can be happy being inside only it just takes time for them to adjust
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