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I let my cats outside. My kitten doesn't go out. Latley I have realized cat really shouldn't go out, but when I tried to make the two older cats indoor only. KC would not have it. After about 4 days being couped up, you couldn't even go near her without being hissed at. She was PISSED! She ended up sneaking out by destroying a screen in my bedroom. Smokey goes out but actully perfers being inside (He lived outside when I got him). I realize there are many dangers out there that the kitties face, that is why Salem and anyother cat I ever get will be an indoor cat. Tipper, my mom cat was and indoor/outdoor cat until about age 13 when she became an inside only cat. She is now 18 and still kickin. These cats do not live in the city.

I agree that every cat is different. My cat KC is very smart outside. She sits in one spot and watches everything going on for an hour before exploring. She rarley leaves the yard, and will run and hide when being approached by a stranger.

My cats also have rules for going outside:
1. They only go out when I am home.
2. The have a curfew, not allowed out one hour before dark. This gives me an hour to round them up before dark. There are alot of predetors around my yard, but they don't come around during the daylight hours.
3. I check on them constantly while they are out or I go out with them.

I honestly beleive that KC would not enjoy her life if she was not allowed outside.
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