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Some Viszla in there?
This couple we are friends with had a vizsla once, and they swear she has that in her background. It just seems so unlikely to me though because that is a very very rare breed around these parts, let alone to have taken part in an 'oops' breeding.

Does MooShu ever do the pointer "stand"
Yup. To quote myself: She has a phenominal sense of smell and she freezes in a kind of a pointer stance when something catches her attention.
I don't have any pics of her doing it though--must be about the only thing I haven't taken a picture of.

This is a pure bred "liver GSP".
I didn't even realize they could be pure liver-colored. The liver and white with spots are pretty common in this area and they're the only ones I'm familiar with. Well, knowing that, now I think she looks more like one!

I also thought maybe some dobie mix as well (red dobie? x chocolate lab or pointer x dobie).
When we adopted her from the shelter, she was "Nutmeg" the dobie cross. She was a stray, so they didn't know anything about her background.

if you want to add some more pics...... please do
Are you kidding?

This is the couch potato side showing: half asleep on her feet
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