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indoor outdoor cats do you agree?

Hey everyone

Just curious how many of you here let your cats outside? well we have lots of trees around and my cat is 10 years old and is extremly healhty and has always been a indoor outdoor cat. HE loves to just sit on our front steps and watch nature LOL WE have never even had a single problem with him getting lost, He has been in a few fights but nothing worth getting scared about, I also give him his shots de worm and de flea him reg. But ok i know everyone is very agaisnt it but dont some of you believe that some cats are actually better off going out and in? I have had many cats do this and all my experiances have been really good. BUt I thought it more depends on the cat you have. LIke for example my cat is a big male cat very solid build and i have seen him interact with foxes and minks and usually predators dont get to close to him other then a fox that snuck up behind him once and stole a rat from him, the funny thing is he chased after the fox to try and get it back! LOL but my neibours have a very small delicate female cat that they would let out and this cat actually was killed by something either a fox or an owl not sure exactly but she was so small and had a fragile build i really dont think she could do much to protect herself (Unlike my big tank of a cat) So Overall it seems some cats are good outdoors while others are not do you guys agree? PS I THINK ITS SO cruel to let a de clawed cat outdoors!