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If anyone else can help...please do.
LOL, is that ever a cry for help! Thanks for helping though.
For program 2 image of roughly 2500x1900 pixels reduced to 25% is VERY ROUGHLY 600 x 400. That image is definitely NOT tiny.
I agree about the size--but a pic that I resize using the Kodak prog. down to 25% is 644x483 pixels AND is still a file size of 356KB. So I keep resizing until I get <100kb, so I can post it, and I'm down to barely bigger than a thumbnail.

The other program because for whatever reason does change the resolution, but because of that, it also produces a smaller file so I am able to post a decent sized image.

I guess the problem lies in that I can't figure out how to control either of these programs to balance image size with quality. I get either one or the other.

I would call either of the program's technical support line (if they have one) or google that program for specific info.
Talking computers makes me want to bang my head against the wall, but I will try calling the kodak people for help.

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