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Thanks for your reply...
You said:
make sure though that when you are changing 1 value - that the other values are changing as well. So when you change the resolution - the width and height of the image are changing as well. There SHOULD be a check box (maybe it's called resample image - or constrain porportions) to do this.
That's what I meant, in my bumbling way, when I said:
I can specify # of pixels in height and width, say 500 pixels by whatever width would keep the original ratio. But then, the photos, although large enough, appear all pixelated and blurry.
This way, I adjust either height or width, and the other adjusts automatically to keep the original proportions. However, the pic then appears very poor quality. Maybe it's just that program?

Using the other program I have to reduce by a fixed %age (75, 50, 25), I just get tiny photos if I resize to be less than 100kb. The original file sizes are 2576x1932 pixels--overkill for web posting, obviously--but I just can't figure out why my pics look very very different depending on which program I use to resize

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