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Exclamation Photo resizing--help????

I am having trouble with resizing my photos, and since I'm not that computer literate, I'm not quite sure how to say what the trouble is...

I have 2 different programs I can use to resize my photos. One is the Kodak program that came with the camera, and it resizes by % of original size. This is fine, but in order to get a file size <100kb, I end up with tiny, nearly thumbnail-sized pics.

If I use this other photo editing program that I have, I can specify # of pixels in height and width, say 500 pixels by whatever width would keep the original ratio. But then, the photos, although larger, appear all pixelated and blurry.

Is there any way I can have my cake and eat it too? I see Rick's nice large clear photos and I just can't figure out, with any consistency, how to produce this!

I tried the program that was recommended in the technical problem thread, but I started having comp problems immediately after installation so I uninstalled. Are there any other programs that will do this for me?

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