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Our dogs

Hello, just wanted to reply, I know of quite a few breeders in my area of the Cockers, that was what I meant when I said I wanted to do some checking, I plan on talking to a couple of them, see what thier professional opinions are and what problems they may have incurred etc. So, you don't raise pits, huh? you save and foster them!? I love it!!! I just looked at your profile, My cousin would love you, she has three pitbulls and they are absolute babies, my aunt has one and he is absolutely sweet as can be. As far as my girl, I didn't originally get her for the purpose of breeding, although I have always wanted her to have one litter cause she is so sweet and motherly, I mean, let's put it this way...I know this might sound rediculous or might turn your stomach...but...I also have two rats as pets which are just as babied and sweet, well, my girl mothers them! I have had her since she was 8 weeks old, she is now 5 years. I also have gotten a male who is even more of a baby than she ever had been, he is a year old. Other than my girls thyroid they have came from decent backgrounds, but...because of her thyroid I only wanted to let her have one litter, which was why I inquired. That is neat that you foster, can you explain how that works, do you get paid for that or is it all on you?
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