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I just wanted to stick up for some of us with allergies! I know ome people can tolerate their allergen(whether it be cats, dogs, or peanuts...). Some just sneeze a lot, and all they have to do is take an allergy medication of some sort to stop the symptoms. On the other hand, being anaphylactic(basically means deathly allergic... throat closes up and breathing stops, as well as body swelling when you come in contact with your allergen) to nuts and peanuts myself, I know where some people are coming from. Not to say that all people that "dump" their cats are doing it because they are seriously allergic to them, but it is a logical reason for getting rid of one! Don't bash anyone for saying their allergic. That's why I have an outdoor cat and dog, as I have family members who are allergic! I still love them every bit as much, and they get a ton of attention, but they remain outside. I have a family history of allergies, and my mother used to run the Peterborough chapter of the Allergy/Asthma Information Association (AAIA). So I have quite a bit of experience with allergies, and I hate to see people being bashed because they have allergies and need to find another home for their pets. It's better that they take them to the Humane Society than dispose of them otherwise, like just letting them go somewhere or shooting them!! Please at least think about this. For anyone that would like to talk more about allergies, feel free to email me at I'm glad to talk to anyone!