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Is this an adult cat or a kitten? If you don't mind her sucking your earlobe, then there's no problem! Cats and kittens often suck blankets, hair,earlobes etc.if they have been taken from their mothers too soon. It comforts them and is similar to a child sucking his thumb. She probably drools and purrs too while doing this?

If you want her to stop this, make a sharp sound when she does, like "AH AH!!" then pet or play with her when she stops.

The box needs to be scooped every day, and changed completely when the litter is too soiled or gets low. If you can smell it, it needs cleaning!

Keep cats off the counter by not leaving food around. If the cat is already in the habit of jumping on the counter or table, get some double-sided tape and put a few strips on the counter. Cats HATE anything sticking to their feet, and this should discourage her after a few tries. If there is nothing to eat, and sticky stuff on her feet, she'll give it up.

To find a good vet, ask around to pet-owning friends or co-workers for references. Is your cat spayed?

As to a name, pick one and use it every time you call her to eat, or play or to get treats, and she'll learn it.