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Red face My Cat Likes Sucking Earlobes

In fact she's sucking my earlobe right now. Um, is this OK? It seems to me it doesn't hurt anyone so I just let her do that keeps her off the keyboard.

I am a first time new mom so I have lots of questions...

Any thoughts on the earlobe sucking? Lately it's been accompanied by a lot of nuzzling on my ear and face and neck.

How often do you scoop? How often do you overhaul the box? So far my nose knows...and its about every week for the overhaul and every day for the scooping.

How do you keep them off the dinner table and kitchen counter?

How do you decide on a good vet?

Also how do you pick a good name? We call her Kitty Cat, Honey, Sweety, Bunny and Bunny Rabbit.