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Looking for new cat food

Right now I feed my cats Acana Kibble and Fancy Feast canned. I am sick of buying different cat foods for each cat. Salem gets kitten food, and KC and Smokey get adult formula. They always end up eating eachothers food anyway. I am ok with sticking with the canned they each get a can a day and the kibble is free feed.

I am looking for a good multicat formula. KC is a long slim cat, and has always been pretty light. Smokey is a big muscular cat twice the size of KC, and he eat so much food. Salem is slim, energetic - typical kitten. In reality I think Smokey should be on a wieght control, and KC needs hairball control, but definatly not weight control.

I was in the pet store yesterday and my head was spinning reading all the different formulas. I would love to buy one bag of cat food. I go through alot of the stuff.

Does anyone have a good suggestion of a quality multi-cat formula?
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