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I completely agree with LRs suggestions.

Whenever she reacts like she's fearful you should give her commands, obedience work to do.

Have you been to obedience class? If not GO! Your dog will learn that you #1 are in control and that he #2 can step down from control.

First thing your dogs gonna have to learn is sit down and the down stay command.

Practice is over and over daily...several times a day. Fuss her up good boy style with a treat whenever she does well. Don't use harsh punishment it will work in the reverse for you and make things go down hill.

I'd get someone that you know that is comfortable around dogs to come to your home to visit ...hopefully a neighbour who lives nearby that can pop over a couple times a week.

When she goes nuts at the door, you immediately put her in a sit and down command. When you open the door insure she stays down, have the visitor give a treat and pat.

Reinforce this a few times with someone comfortable with dogs.

You have to show her there is no need to be afraid and no need to try and protect you/herself.

When things are in chaos and you're yelling at her pulling from lunging and telling people to leave as she's out of control for shows she was right, something was wrong.

Obedience drills are going to be your #1 friend and hers.
Simple commands of sit, down, stay, come
repeated several times through the day with rewards.

When you're out and someone walks by and she goes soon as you see the person coming or when she starts to strain on the lead you're going to put in a sit heel position at your side and tell good girl, give a pat and a treat. Then keep going, making no big fuss about the other person.

It's going to take time and work but hopefully it will all come around.
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