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We have one of those kind of people among us, Petfriendly arrived at the Arboretum before myself to find a young grey cat laying in the parking lot. The cat was laying near the curb and looked to me like it may have travelled there under the hood of a car. It is possible that it was hit or even poisoned. All we know for sure is that it was hurt. It didn't look like it could do any more than roll over. Petfriendly parked her car in front of the cat to make sure that nobody could hit it and called the city workers to come and help this cat. It didn't look like you could move it without causing more damage. She said that there were a couple of ladies just sitting there doing nothing like this poor little cat was not a concern to them. When asked if anyone had called someone to help they basically said no but you can do it so she did. If Petfriendly hadn't arrived when she did and taken it upon herself to try to save this cat it may have died without a chance to survive. Hopefully it recovers and has a wonderful life and if it does it is all thanks to Petfriendlys actions.
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