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Never saw the item that Dog showed before. Lee Valley does have some kewl things - if that works without hurting the cat, it would be great.

I have a personal story about hosing a cat. A feral kitty my gram used to care for was hosed once by an uncaring person and the water, alas, got into the cat's ears and with cats so dependent on their balance, the cat had difficulties with his balance from then on. He had been neutered but was so wild that he did not want to stay inside. However, once he lost his sense of balance, he became a sitting target for other creatures so she had to trap him and bring him inside. He grew to not mind being inside but it was quite the struggle. I realize ppl who understand cats will not aim for their heads, knowing they should not let water get into their inner ear, but a moving cat is hardly going to get the water exactly where you want it to go.

I will never use a hose on any cat!! Mine or a feral cat. Now, if one were attacking YY (not likely to occur since she goes out on a leash with supervsiion but things happen!), I would do it without hesitation but that would be out of desperation.
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