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Ck,I have to admit,we have used the hose as a training tool
When we are outside,Chico is very curious as to what is on the other side of the fence and has jumped over a couple of times.
We have never actually hosed him,but he does leave his special jumping-spot,when I pick up the hose
On the other hand,he loves playing with the hose if it is dripping and manages to get himself all wet.
I don't necessarily think it's cruel to chase away strange cats with a hose,usually they run away before you even get it in your hands.
I would never chase away a cat who looks like he's in need of help,then of course I'd feed him...but any neighbor-hood cats I chase away,since Rocky has a crazy reaction to strangers in our yard and I have the scars to prove it.
"The cruelest animal is the Human animal"
3 kitties,Rocky(r.i.p my boy),Chico,Vinnie
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