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Originally Posted by CyberKitten
Turn the hose on the cats? That's cruel! I hope you are kidding b/c otherwise, that is animal abuse!! I would speak to the neighbour. Cats do not nec'ly change their behaviour in the face of abuse or punitive measures like turning a hose on them. They only will fear you. That would be so unecessarily unwise and horrible!!! My cat is an indoor kitty but if she did get in someone's yard and they did that to her, they would have a lot to answer for!!! But she only goes out on a leash. I do see neighbourhood kitties but I also feed these cats when their families are away so I let them lay down on my step - they never do their biz on my property either. They did try to dig up my flowers at one point (maybe planning to fo their biz but I hissed at them like another cat would and they avoid that area now. Fortunately, no one was looking when I did that, lol
Your kidding, right? I would much rather turn a hose on the cats then shoot them. And I do know people who would gladly shoot them!

FYI - my cats were taught not to sneak out the door with either a glass of water thrown at them when their little paws crossed the threshold or a squirt bottle. My neighbors used to keep a glass of water on the porch railing to throw on their cat when he tried to sneak outside with the kids. Much more humane then getting hit by a car!
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