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I hear/read a lot of mixed opinions about dry vs canned for cats. I've been feeding both, but both of my cats prefer dry despite much experimentation with canned so I continue to give it to them. When I find a good quality, small sized kibble I will probably switch both cats to the same food and will continue to feed them both dry and moist food. But I'm not sure if I should switch Ruby too, the Nutro seems to do well for her.

Lucy is new to us and we're still trying to transition her to a diet that is healthy for her. She refuses to eat anything other than small amounts of a few canned foods--and we've tried many varieties since she has been with us. As for dry, if we don't give her the Iams, which is the only really small kibble I have been able to find, she's into our other cat's better quality, but much larger sized, kibble and I don't think it's safe for her since she doesn't chew it well.

Dry mixed with wet food or dry food moistened with broth gets very poor reviews around here--2 paws down. But thanks for the suggestion Prin.

I'm probably going to go with Wellness for the doggies so perhaps for the kitties too, as long as there's an 'itty bitty' variety. The brands you suggested LL1 look to be very good foods. Thanks for your help.

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