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Have you considered Wellness? And there is also some very good canned food (tho a bit pricey at 1.99 a can) at the organic food store on Quinpool Rd. The name escapes me tho - it's found at the back if the store. They have a great chicken and rice. I try to stay away from the dry stuff just b/c wet food has more protein and helps YY and the S girls to get more water than they'd normally drink. Cats, unlike dogs, are not noted water drinkers.

And like many pet lovers, I avoid Iams like the Plague. I refuse to support a company that funds and supports research in which cats are tortured and killed. I do suspect they are not the only one who do that but I know Wellness food is high protein and good quality and YY and the Sphynx Girls like it. I buy Wellness at Global Pet Foods in Bayer's Lake Business Park. (Chain Lake Drive).

I feed them only human grade food and most food available at a grocery store or WalMart does not fit that category.

This is the Wellness Dry stuff they eat (on occasion):

But mostly, they eat canned food.

When YY was a klitten and 1st arrived, she was on Hills Science Kitten Food but I switched her gradually to Wellness. I feed her dry stuff only when I am away or she cannot come to my office. I figure it is her "fast food", lol

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