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Red face Reputable Breeders

I definately agree with most of your points! I only breed about one litter every one to two years with my puppies and I have had very long waiting lists, but often when I finally have a litter on the ground, I find that people got too anxious from waiting, circumstances changed,finaces,etc,etc, furthermore I like to meet my owners in person, not have someone else do the meeting for me. I like to trust my natural instincts when I meet someone and you just can't do that via the web. . . But I do agree that newspapers are often not the best way to sell your puppies, most of my puppy owners have found me on breeder lists on the web, pet sites, etc, but I guess that is probably wrong too?
I definately consider myself a reputable breeder since I promote spay & neuter, have all Champion/Schutzhund/Obediance titled dogs with hip,elbow,spinal X-rays and very strict contracts, attend shows, title my own dogs, and I have found wonderful owners for my puppies via the web or locally through a newspaper. I don't like to keep lists any longer unless I know I am expecting a litter, because frankly I just don't breed that much to have a long ongoing list.
I just don't know how you expect people to get a running list in the first place. . . Please explain how you can do this. . . I would love the info.

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