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Little Turtles?

Hello. My mom just brought home two little turtles each for both me and my sister. She got them off of Canal Street in NY, and I believe they are illegal here in New Jersey, lol. Anyway, I was trying to do some research, and I think they are Red Eared Sliders. They are about an inch and a half. (I know they will get bigger, and I all ready have a 20, and then a 30 gallon tank I can transfer them too as they grow. Ill probobly get a kiddy pool for them eventually.)

I went for two trips yesterday to two different pet stores and bought a bunch of stuff. A got a ten gallon tank along with a filter that says it works up to a ten gallon. A got a little floating dock with suction cups that sticks to the walls of the tank, and it takes up maybe 1/3 of the top of the tank. The rest is water. I had to raise the water quite high so the filter would work, so theres a lot of water in it.

I put a few fish in there along with two dwarfy frogs and a few fake plants and a few rocks. It has a clear bottom, I didnt use any rocks because I heard the frogs tend to ingest them.

I am working on a submergible(sp) heater, which hopefully I am getting today. I am basically out of money (Im only 15 years old), but is there anything else that I need desperately? I dont have a tank lid yet, because our pet stores are stupid and dont carry many, so I dont know how I'd get a heat light or something.

Also, a question. Even with the filter on, after only a day the water is pretty clouded. Is it just because of the food or something, and will the filter clean it out in a bit? Also, the turtles arent eating yet...are they just stressed out, and will they eat soon?
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