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Exclamation Male Guinea Pig Ill!! Have tried many things, need new ideas.

I have a 2-3 year old male neutered guinea pig named Harvey. He has a mass on the right side of his scrotal/genital area. It's fairly firm but doesn't seem to hurt him if I press on it. He saw the vet and she said it could be an abcess or a tumor. We put him on a combo anti-biotic treatment (0.3 ml Novo-Trimmel Suspension twice a day orally and 0.3 ml Longisil injected SQ every 3 days) for 16 days hoping it was an abcess. There was no change after the 16 days so we are assuming that it's a tumor. Today i noticed bloody urine in his pen and he also smells like rotten pus. He weighs 930 g today, a month ago he weighed appro. 1100 g.

Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated

june 2004- harvey was neutered and developed a severe abcess that had to be drained several time, he lived at the vets for 3 weeks b/c he was so anorexic (his weight dropped to 650 g)

December 2004- Noticed enlarged lymph nodes on harvey and his cage mate miranda, assumed to be a Type C retrovirus (contaigous) Lymphoma. Both were put on Chloropalm for 2 weeks with no change and then put on the Longisil injections for 2 1/2 months. we stopped the treatment b/c the nodes stopped growing

August 2005- noticed lump on gential area, can no longer sex hime (penis won't come out), began combo antibiotic therapy (see above)

Sept. 11/2005- noticed blood in cage and smell of rotten pus on his body (same sent as when his abcess rutured last june)

Thanks, Ashley
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