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Bumble Foot

My sister has two degus. THey have a large cage (actually, it's a large parrot cage, but it's great for them because they all kinds of shelves and hiding holes they put in it).

Problem is, Dingo (their names are Ringo and Dingo) keeps getting Bumble Foot. He is getting cuts from their wheel in the cage, and it keeps getting sore and infected.

I read a bit on the net about it, and most sites suggesting getting a "solid wheel" instead of one with wrungs. She tried that, but it was too heavy they couldn't get it to go around. She tried a plastic wheel, but they were too big for it.

Anyone have any suggestions? I suggested maybe she should coat the wire wheel in latex (there is a product called Deviant Liquid Latex which you can use to coat anything, tools, clothes, skin...).

They really need something in their cage for exercise, so any ideas would be helpfull!
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