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I wouldn't recommend that they do this. If they are newborns and they take one it is quite possible that they don't survive. There are two types of rabbits in the area, one would need kitten formula and the other needs puppy. If they waited until they were older they would scare them and disturb the nest. The bunnies will scatter and may not make it back to the nest. Rabbits can be skittish to start with but unfortunately even the wild ones could be kept as pets though I wouldn't tell your co-workers that. Rabbits will live in a city w/o any trouble. I would ask them not to touch the nest.

Years ago we were superintendants of the appartment building. I was out mowing the back lawn and was going along the side of the building when all of a sudden these little brown blobs started hopping out from under it. They moved so fast I didn't even know what they were. After I realized what they were, we gathered them up in a milk crate and placed it close by where the nest was under a bush. All were ok and everynight at 10 pm you could look out the window into the back yard and watch mom feeding them. Their original nest was a small hole in the ground against the building and under the spout for the dryer.
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