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Poor little FLoyd

Hi everyone, I just thought I'd let you all know about this........

I bought a house!! yeah for me! Anyway, the lady I bought from, apparently couldn't or didn't want to take her betta with her when she moved.... So, she left him behind, without mentioning it to me .... I just inherited him with the house....
His tank was so dirty you could barely see him, and his color was almost black! I named him (Floyd) and cleaned his tank with tepid, filtered water... rinsed the roots of the peace lily that lives with him, and washed the rocks and pebbles... I also started feeding him Betta pellets.

You'll all be happy to know he is now Blue and Red, postures his fins nicely, and swims around happily
He sits in the middle of my dining room table and watches me anytime I sit at the table ... I think he's thankful for being abandoned after all
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