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Cat food

I have had my cats on Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul dry food up until just recently. I switched them over to Wellness a couple of weeks ago, though, because i was thinking it was a better quality food and it was the brand of wet food i already had them on, anyway (i only give them canned food in the morning). They have only been on Wellness for a couple of weeks now but it seems like they are shedding worse now than before (it was very minimal on the Chicken Soup) and i have noticed some diahrrea even though i switched the foods very slowly and gradually. I was hoping that their overall health would be better on a better quality food. I was also starting to worry weight was becoming a minor issue.

I was wondering what other people have found to be a really good cat food?

Also, is it important to have cats on the same kind of canned food as their dry food or is it okay to mix brands without messing with their stomachs?

Is a diet formula food appropriate before your cat is really overweight?

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