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I have a Chloe too although she is a Golden Retriever. Recently I noticed that she has lost weight. She is a rescue, very anxious and follows me everywhere. I went on vacation for two weeks and left her home with my adult kids. When I came home from vacation I really noticed that she looked thin. My kids assured me that she had been eating well.
At one point not long after I adopted her 4 years ago, her weight dropped to 42 pounds because of anxiety and fear of being left alone. Concerned that this was happening again I brought her to the vet last week. In the spring she was 58 pounds and now she is 53 1/2 pounds. Her weight loss is only 4 1/2 pounds but it makes a huge difference in her appearance. All I see when I look at her is bones although she is very muscular. Her appetite is excellent an so is her energy level. The vet checked her over, deemed her to be in good health and told me if she lost more weight he would do further tests but he was not concerned about her appearance. I am hoping that with all the exercise she gets combined with a very hot summer caused her to lose the weight. I have increased the amount of food I am feeding and am thinking about changing her to a puppy food until her weight goes back up. She is extremely nervous and anxious and unless we are at home, paces and pants constantly. She only rests if I rest.
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