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Exclamation Dog Diagnosed with Nasal Bacterial Infection---Did not Respond to Antibiotic Treatmnt

I need some advice. My 10 year old female Australian Sheppard developed a runny nose in November of 2002. She was diagnosed with a with a sinus bacterial infection in December 2002. Tests did not indicate cancer or a fungal infection. Bloodwork came back clear. She was placed on Clavamox and Atarax, and given a cortisone shot, and did not respond. Then she received another antibiotic, Baytril, along with Atarax and 2 more cortisone shots. Still, no resolution of her symptoms. My vet said the next step would be a CT scan/MRI and possible nasal surgery. A second opinion suggested a possible autoimmune disorder and steriod treatment. Which route should I take? I am open to homepathic suggestions. She has severe crusting of the nose and puss discharge from mainly the right nostril. If I can help her, what can I do?

Any assistance is appreciated.


Update 1/22/03: I now have my dog on a 30 day dose of Tetracycline, 1500mg a day. I'll post my results at the end of the treatment session.
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